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The curriculum at Lime Academy Orton is a personalised and purposeful education offer for learners with severe to profound learning difficulties between the ages of 2 to 19 years. We set aspirational goals for our pupils to achieve personally tailored outcomes. This is fully outlined in our Curriculum Document.

Each phase of education at Lime Academy Orton is divided into a Family Group. These 'Key Stages' are driven by our Family Lead Teachers, who work with their teams to plan and develop their curriculum offer. Long term topic overviews for each Family Group reflect a development in the provision across the school, taking either a termly or yearly approach. Each Family Group set distinct pathways for their pupils, according to the provision they need to achieve their outcomes and to provide a varied learning experience.

At the Lime Academy Orton we believe that one of the central aims of the educational opportunities we deliver is to enable the children who arrive at the school to leave as young adults who are as independent as possible. To help achieve this it is essential to recognise that irrespective of the pupil's level of ability, the provision available throughout the school as they become older needs to reflect their changing age. This is achieved in a number of ways, such as ensuring that the work provided is developmentally appropriate in terms of both the learning contexts and the resources used, that teaching and social areas are designed to reflect changing interests and social dynamics and that the curriculum provided adapts to the changes in emphasis and priority. 

Read our Curriculum Document here

Our Approach to the Teaching of Reading

At Lime Academy Orton we interpret reading in the broadest context as involving deriving meaning from the environment. This includes using objects,  sensory cues including sounds and smells, pictures, photographs, signs and written words to support teaching and learning in reading.

We aim to provide a ‘total communication’ learning environment using a wide range of communication strategies adapted to meet individual’s needs. We work towards enabling all students to be effective communicators.

Examinations / Testing Arrangements & Pupil Progress

Parents/Carers will be kept informed of pupil progress through the Annual Review of their child’s Education, Health and Care Plan. As the vast majority of the children do not achieve expected National levels they are disapplied from Standard Assessment Tasks. We record and celebrate the small steps made in progress on an individual basis. This progress within the National Curriculum is mainly through our developmental ‘Assessment for All’ framework and all monitoring is carried out through teacher assessment using ‘Evidence for Learning’.

Special Educational Needs Policy

At the Lime Academy Orton all our pupils have Statements of Special Educational Needs. However, we are required by law to have a Special Needs Policy. A member of the Senior Leadership Team has the responsibility of the Special Needs coordinator. You can find a copy of our policy and information report below.

SEND Information Report

Religious Education and SMSC

This is taught in accordance to the Local Authority Agreed Syllabus as far as it is practicable. Learning about and learning from religion and beliefs are important for all pupils because Religious Education helps pupils develop an understanding of themselves and others. Lime Academy Orton represents a diverse faith and multicultural community where spiritual, moral, social and cultural experiences are integral to the cross-curricular learning. Collective worship provides an opportunity for pupils to reflect on their own beliefs, feelings and experiences.

 At Lime Academy Orton we pride ourselves on appreciating the value of others and being part of a whole school family. We are respectful of others and their beliefs creating an atmosphere of tolerance and consideration for all pupils, staff and families.

Daily spiritual time and weekly assemblies provide opportunities for reflection and focus upon the religious and cultural calendar appropriate to our pupils and relevant to topics of current interest. There is also time allocated for the praise of good work, certificates and birthday celebrations.

 Careers Guidance

Students are given opportunities and experiences to equip them for both adult life and life after school. The school works very closely with other agencies to investigate possible placements post-19. The Transition programme is started in year 10. Parents/carers and students are encouraged to be fully involved in this process. You can find our Careers Policy below.

Careers Policy

Sex Education and Relationships

At Lime Academy Orton we do not seek to be a substitute for the important role that parents/carers have to play within this delicate area. As within all areas of the curriculum, we strive to work very closely with families.  We aim to provide a programme to all of our pupils, which will provide information appropriate to their physical and emotional maturity. Assisting pupils to develop strategies for keeping safe, good social behaviour and respect for the feelings of others is constantly being reinforced throughout the school. Any parent/carer with strong views on this subject is urged to contact the school for further discussions. Parents have the right to withdraw their children from sex education although not from those elements which are covered in Science National Curriculum.

Global Awareness

In the climate of global awareness, where every citizen is affected by world events on a daily basis, international issues are an important part of all our lives. By including an international dimension at Lime Academy Orton we offer children and staff a greater understanding of their national and international identity within a diverse and differentiated curriculum.

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