Lime Academy Orton Governance

Lime Academy Orton has an Academy Council which meets at least six times per year in line with the Lime Trust annual governance planner. 

Chair of Academy Council: Diane Rochford OBE

Chair's contact details: If you would like to contact the Chair, please email the Lime Trust Head of Governance, Irena Karapetyan at: 

Academy Council Members:

Diane Rochford OBE: Diane is the Chair of the Orton Academy Council. She has over 20 years' experience working in the field of Special Education Needs and Disability and runs her own SEND consultancy. She has worked in senior leadership roles across a variety of schools and settings, including a Home and Hospital School. She was commissioned to work with Local Authority School Improvement to help to identify gaps and develop provision, and with the DfE to develop Teachers' Standards in special schools. More recently, Diane chaired the Rochford Review, which considered and defined statutory assessment for pupils working towards the standards of the National Curriculum tests. She is also a qualified and active Ofsted inspector with accreditation to inspect SEND.

Sheralee Webb: Sheralee is the Safeguarding Lead for the Academy Council and the Executive Headteacher at the Northgate School Arts College (Academy Trust).

Toni Bailey: Toni is a member of the Academy Council and Assistant Director for SEND & Inclusion at Peterborough City Council.

Amanda Daoud: Amanda is a member of the Academy Council and the Trust Interim CEO. 

Rachael Holland: Rachael is a member of the Academy Council and the Interim Deputy CEO/Director of Education for the Trust.

Charlotte Whysall: Charlotte is a member of the Academy Council and the Headteacher for the school.

Lime Trust Governance: To view details of how the Lime Trust and its academies are governed, please click here.


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