SEND Policy and Information Report

Lime Academy Orton wants to provide our pupils:


• With teaching of a high quality which is planned for each child, using excellent resources and specialist approaches.
• With a broad and balanced curriculum which stimulates their interest in a wide range of learning opportunities.
• With professional staff that act in a positive way to develop relationships for learning.

Lime Academy Orton will provide all families and staff with a purposeful and friendly organisation that:


• Values all who learn, work in or visit the school.
• Supports all staff to use their skills fully and to learn new ones.
• Provides clear leadership and effective management.
• Ensure the school is an important part of the local and national communities.

Here we look at the whole person, aiming to meet the educational, well-being and therapeutic needs of each pupil.

Each of our staff members, our pupils and their family members are part of our school learning community. They all come together to help to make the school a special place where we are committed to;

“Putting Children First”

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