Medical Welfare

Learn about how we support pupils with medical needs and complex health conditions.

Medical Welfare Team

Meet our medical welfare team, they are here to support pupils medical needs, liaise with health professionals and attend meetings around your child.

 Our two medical welfare officers are;

Clare Tylee - Clayton Campus

Vanya Guina - Malborne Campus


Supporting Pupils with Medical Needs

Here you can read our policy on supporting pupils with medical needs. We work closely with health and nursing teams to provide our staff and families with the most up to date information and training to support our children’s daily and more complex long term medical needs.

Supporting Pupils with Medical Needs

Medical Tracker

At Lime Academy Orton we use Medical Tracker to support our Family Groups in recording and reporting the use of medications and accidents or incidents. The link below provides more information about Medical Tracker.

Medical Tracker

Medical Consent

We require written consent from parents to administer medications in school. If you need to update your child’s medication or if they are prescribed a short term medication course you can find the form below.

Medical Consent Form

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